“Miss Fortune Falls”, a New Family Raft Ride, is Opening in Typhoon Lagoon in Spring 2017

Marissa GordonNews

More details have been released about the new family raft ride coming to Typhoon Lagoon in Spring 2017. The attraction, called “Miss Fortune Falls” , will be the first new addition to the water park line-up in over a decade. The ride chronicles the story of Captain Mary Oceaneer, a treasure hunting heroine, who traveled far and wide searching for unique objects for her nautical collection. Legend has it that during a fierce storm, Captain Mary became shipwrecked at Typhoon Lagoon with all of her treasures.

The ride format will involve guests boarding their treasure rafts and then being taken to the top of a peak before plunging into raging white-water rapids. Throughout the ride, guests will be able to catch a glimpse of the artifacts that Captain Mary amassed during her many sea voyages. This attraction will clock in at over two minutes in length, making it the longest ride in either of Disney’s waterparks and will certainly be a welcome addition to Typhoon Lagoon.