Crash Resulting In A Fallen Sign Closes World Drive

Bryan RipperNews

There was a bit of a shake-up on World Drive heading into Magic Kingdom and the Epcot area yesterday. At approximately 2:10 pm on Saturday, 20-year-old Joemar Torregrosa Matos was driving southbound on World Drive and veered off the road, according to Sgt. Kim Montes, near Epcot Center Drive. When he did, his Dodge Durango plunged into a guard rail and kept going until it hit a support pole that was holding up a massive road sign that stretched across the road. The crash caused the sign to fall and block all southbound traffic until approximately 9:30 pm, when a large crane could be used by a crew to move and repair the sign.

Matos was a Kissimmee resident, and he was taken to Celebration Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. In addition, he was ticketed for careless driving. The reason for Matos veering off the road is still unknown.