Custom Disney Dresses by Paige’s Pretties

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A lot of people who know me are surprised to hear that my wife is a big Disney fan as well. She doesn’t quite take it to the extreme as much as I do, but she definitely “gets it”, as people in the Disney community say. So, when she discovered a custom Disney dress shop online called Paige’s Pretties, she couldn’t wait to order a custom Disney dress for our 1-year-old little girl. The dress turned out stunning and I asked her to write a blog article for AATM Central. She went one step further and actually wrote the article in conjunction with the dress-maker and owner of Paige’s Pretties. I’m thrilled to share the following insight written by my wife, Amy Ripper of the Two Little Rippers lifestyle blog, and Paige of Paige’s Pretties.

In the fall, I found the most amazing small shop through Facebook! Paige’s Pretties makes handmade dresses in mixed prints using bright colors and adorable details. You can order the dresses either through release events, where a limited number of dresses will be made to order, or you can buy a customer order spot when they become available. I loved a dress that I saw someone share so much that I reached out to Paige and asked her to make a custom dress for our 1-year-old daughter Brylee.

Paige was super sweet. I asked her to share a little about herself and her shop, so I could pass it along to the All About the Mouse Disney podcast listeners and AATM Central blog readers.

She started sewing about four years ago for her daughters, because she could never seem to find outfits that fit her tiny daughter correctly. She had never sewn a stich before, so she taught herself using detailed patterns and YouTube. (I’m convinced that YouTube can teach you anything! Just ask Bryan!) She started receiving a lot of compliments on her daughters’ clothing and branched out to making creations for friends and family.

In May of 2013, she decided to start an official business. She had been selling to friends in the “closet world”, and saw an opportunity to grow her business. The closet world is a bunch mom’s obsessed over putting pretty little dresses in their daughter’s closet like me. There was definitely a market for her designs. In 2015 she set up a website to help with the business side, improve turnaround time, and increase her options.

She was an absolute delight to work with, and all the dresses are designed, cut, and sewn by Paige. You can buy dresses in a variety of playful prints, but many of the dresses offered are Disney-themed. Paige has always been a big Disney fan. As a child, she washed a lot of the classics on VHS, and this has inspired her to create dresses of those classics!

Three Steps to Designing Your Dress

1. Fabric Selection– I ordered a custom spot, and the only thing I knew was that I wanted it to involve Donald Duck. Paige found this precious fabric with classic Disney playbills. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect! She then helped me pick a bodice fabric and trim.

2. Details– Once we had the basics down, it was time to work on the details. What type of straps/sleeves would I like? Did I want pockets? How about a ruffle on the trim? Did I want a waistband? Every single detail was custom-designed to match my preferences.

3. Wear it to Disney– I ended up going with the tank dress, and after a day, I decided to add pockets and a waistband. The dress turned out AMAZING!

Here are some other fantastic Disney designs by Paige’s Pretties!

To get your own custom Disney dress from Paige’s Prettie’s, make sure to follow Paige on Facebook at
and keep an eye out for custom spots, so you can design your own adorable Disney Dress.

Just make sure when you get your dress not to put it own backwards like Bryan did!

A big “Thank You!” goes out to my lovely wife, Amy Ripper, for putting together this article for AATM Central. We really were thrilled with the way this dress turned out, and we thought it was such a unique item that many of our readers might want to know more about for themselves.

For more on Amy, check out her blog at and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.