Disney Acquires Patent for “Foot Tracking” Technology

Marissa GordonNews

The Walt Disney Company has recently been issued a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office for a new technology that can track guest movements by their feet using sensors and cameras. According to Tech Times the technology will use a sensor to capture foot shape and then a camera to capture an image of the foot. This “footprint” will then be attached to guest information such as name and address, likely though the linking of the “footprint” with information found on guest’s Magic Bands. Disney will then be able to track guests as they travel around the park, getting information on foot traffic throughout the park and collecting information on what guests are doing throughout the day, filling in the information between Fast Pass+ redemptions.

There are no immediate plans to roll out this technology in the parks, and if it is utilized in the future, Disney plans to use the information gathered solely to improve guest experiences.