Disney Announces a new” Star Wars Rebels Interactive Adventure” Premium Experience

Marissa GordonNews

Disney guests who have always dreamed of joining the Rebel Alliance to defeat the Empire will get their chance in the new “Star Wars Rebel Interactive Adventure” offered as an exclusive add-on through Disney Floral and Gifts. The adventure begins in your resort room where you will find that the Rebel Alliance has left behind instructions and gear to help you complete a secret mission. To begin you are instructed to wear an (included) imperial officer disguise and head to Star Tours to make a very important transmission .

You will be helping Ezra Bridges from the Star Wars Rebels series and the bulk of the experience will utilize a smartphone and augmented reality technology. Upon completion of your mission you will return to your resort room to find a box containing a Rebel medallion, fashioned after the ones given in Star Wars: A New Hope.

This experience can be purchased through Disney Floral and Gifts for $499.99 and will be available starting on 8/15/16. Theme park admission to Disney Hollywood Studios is not included and neither are FastPasses for the Star Tours attraction. Guests who purchase this experience also need to have an Iphone or Android smartphone.