Drone Light Show To Come To Disney Springs

Bryan RipperNews

Recently, word has been spreading around about Disney possibly using drone technology in the distant or maybe even near future to implement more spectacular night time shows in the parks. We’ll Disney released a teaser that hints to this technology coming to Disney Springs in a new night time show sooner than most people probably expected.

Disney obtained FAA clearance to begin using drones in the theme parks for night time lighting and fireworks shows, and they’ve been working for some time with experts in the field of drone-based shows. There’s not really a whole lot of information coming out from Disney about this right now. They seem to be enjoying teasing this one out, but the teaser video released is enough to excite even the casual theme park-goer.

The word on the street is, this drone-based night time show will be coming to Disney Springs in time for the 2016 holiday season. Check out this roughly half-minute teaser and let us know what you think.