Episode 173-An Evening With Marty Sklar

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This week we are joined by one of the few people who can actually say they worked with Walt Disney. Marty Sklar is a legendary Imagineer who started working for the Disney company just weeks before the opening of Disneyland in 1955. He has since played a role in the creation of so many terrific Disney parks and attractions including EPCOT Center. He is also the only Disney cast member to have been at the grand opening for every single Disney theme park around the world. This week Marty joins us to talk about Walt, Imagineering, and his legacy as a Disney cast member.

In Disney news this week, we discuss a rehab at Muppetvision 3D inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a brand new interactive Star Wars experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Main Street Electrical Parade leaving Magic Kingdom, and much more!

Later in the show, we make another Mouse Call to one of our listeners. Marty Sklar also joins us for this segment as we surprise a special listener with a live phone call and ask them to answer the exclusive All About The Mouseketeer Interview questions.

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All of this and more on this week’s episode of the All About The Mouse Disney Podcast!

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