Episode 189 – Trip Report

Bryan RipperPodcast

This week Bryce Yelverton fills in for Jonathan Dichter as co-host and we talk about some Disney experiences that are new to the parks and also just new to him. There is so much that has been added to the Walt Disney World resort over the last couple of years, and we’ll talk about some of these new experiences as well as give our thoughts and opinions on them.

In the news this week, Disney starts a new express bus service, Epcot’s Spaceship Earth gets transformed into the Death Star from Star Wars, a new dining experience comes to the monorail resorts, 2017 Food and Wine Festival dates are announced, and much more.

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Spaceship Earth Transforms Into The Death Star For Star Wars: Rogue One Invitation Only Meet and Event!

Footage of parrots flying at Animal Kingdom bird show

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