Episode 191 – An Epcot Christmas

Bryan RipperPodcast

This week on the All About the Mouse Disney podcast we are playing Christmas audio specifically from Epcot. Since this show is coming out just in time for Christmas, we thought it would be nice to feature some audio from current and past attractions from Epcot that are special to the holiday season.

First, we feature one of the true gems of Epcot and the American Adventure pavilion, The Voices of Liberty. Not only can The Voices of Liberty be found performing Americana in beautiful harmonious a cappella , but during the holiday season, you can also find them performing Christmas songs.

Next up, we have audio from an attraction that was featured at Epcot for 14 years until 2008, The Lights of Winter. This incredible light display covered the walkway from Future World to World Showcase in an amazing shimmering canopy, and the music that accompanied it was equally as amazing.

Last, but certainly not least, we have music from the extremely popular and much-talked-about Candlelight Processional. This incredible show features a choir, lighting, a celebrity narrator telling the Christmas story from The Bible, and some very moving Christmas music played by a full orchestra.

We hope you enjoy the show this week. We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Stay tuned until the very end of the show for an extra added Christmas bonus.

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Epcot’s Lights of Winter

The Candlelight Processional featuring narrator Steven Curtis Chapman

Get Your Copy of the Candlelight Processional Today!

“Baby, it’s cold outside”, performed by Bryan Ripper, Aimee Low, and Todd Low