Episode 195 – Add, Remove, and Change (Epcot)

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This week we have a surprise guest host on the show. We welcome one of our loyal listeners, Sara from Maryland, to talk about changes that we would like to see come to Epcot. Epcot is a classic Disney theme park that has stood the test of time for almost 35 years, but with all of the things being added to and changes being made to other parks, we thought it was time to look and see what changes we’d like to see made at this iconic park. These changes include additions we’d each like to make, things we’d like to see removed, and just changes in general that we’d like to see made.

In the news this week, Disney’s Hollywood Studios brings a Star Wars special event in 2017, Typhoon Lagoon changes the name of a new attraction soon to come, Disney reveals new park-specific designs for their gift cards, the Magic Kingdom cabanas are leaving just about as quickly as they came, and much more.

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Disney Gift Card Designs

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