Episode 206 – The Dreamfinder

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This week on the All About the Mouse Disney Podcast, we interview Ron Schneider, famous for playing the walk-around Dreamfinder character from Epcot. Ron has had an amazing career in theme parks and more for nearly 40 years. With his years of experiences in the parks and entertainment industry, he has amassed some terrific stories, and he’s here to share them with us this week.

We’ll also do another Mouse Call this week, where we spontaneously call one of our unsuspecting listeners on the air and ask them about their favorite Disney parks, attractions, etc. If you would like to be one of our next Mouse Calls, send us an email to podcast@aatmcentral.com with your name and phone number.

Also, if you’d like to become an official All About the Mouseketeer, just send us an email to podcast@aatmcentral.com and tell us who you are and where you’re from.

All of this and much more on this week’s episode of the All About the Mouse Disney Podcast.

Check out Ron Schneider’s blog From Dreamer…To Dreamfinder.

Ron Schneider takes you on a journey through 40 years of personal triumph and corporate challenges. It’s an intimate look into the creative worlds of Disney, Universal, and Six Flags Magic Mountain; a no-holds-barred memoir filled with wild characters and wilder concepts, complete with a step-by-step guide to how the magic is made!

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