Episode 218 – Disney Gaming (Board/Table-top Games)

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This week on the All About the Mouse Disney Podcast we talk with Kelly and Sarah, two of our listeners who love Disney games. To be exact, we’re talking about Disney-related board games and table-top games. There are some fun and exciting games out there for Disney fans of all ages, and we’re going to talk about some of our favorites from Disney Cranium to Star Wars Imperial Assault and Marvel Legendary.

In the news this week, Jeff Reitz visits Disneyland for the 2,000th consecutive day in a row, lots of details and rumors begin to circulate about Epcot’s highly-speculated remodel, Walt Disney World adds more eating locations to the mobile dining feature in the My Disney Experience app, Disneyland makes some big changes to clear the way for Max Pass, the new Fastpass system that will be implemented soon, and much more!

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All of this, and much more, lies ahead on this week’s episode of the All About the Mouse Disney podcast – Your weekly dose of Disney magic and mayhem!

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A Few of the Disney Board Games and Table-Top Games Discussed in This Week’s Show