Episode 228 – Thanks For Soarin’ With Us

Bryan RipperPodcast

This week on the All About the Mouse Disney Podcast we are coming to you on location from Epcot in The Land pavilion. We’re excited to bring you the show recorded in Walt Disney World culminating in a ride through on the newest version of Soarin’. This is a visual attraction with a stunning audio soundtrack that you are sure to enjoy with your ears.

We also have brand new additions to add to the All About the Mouseketeer Roll Call this week.

If you’d like to become an official All About the Mouseketeer, register for a Mouse Call, or write to us about anything at all, you can send an email to podcast@aatmcentral.com.

All of this, and much more, lies ahead on this week’s episode of the All About the Mouse Disney podcast – Your weekly dose of Disney magic and mayhem!

The Making of Soarin’ Around the World