Episode 232 – Inside the Haunted Mansion

Bryan RipperPodcast

This week our show is dedicated to the classic Disney attraction The Haunted Mansion. This has been a staple to Disney parks around the world for decades and it all began back in 1969 at the original Disneyland park. This week we take a look at some fun facts about the residence of the 999 Happy Haunts. There are so many amazing contributions and stories we’re going to look at that make this attraction what it is today. We’ll even talk about some of the unofficial lore that has been created by cast members and fans over the years, including stories that have been officially adopted into the storyline by Disney.

Then we’ll listen to Imagineer Tony Baxter give a guided tour through the Haunted Mansion in Florida at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom park. From the gothic colonial New England facade on the outside to the “Pepper’s Ghost” ballroom effect on the inside, there was much thought and detail put into the mansion when it was being designed and built. Who better to give an inside behind-the-scenes tour than the former Senior Vice President of Creative Development in Walt Disney Imagineering, Tony Baxter?

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