Episode 249 – DVC By Resale

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Shontell Crawford from DVC By Resale joins us to talk a little bit about what the Disney Vacation Club is, what DVC By Resale is, how the market for DVC is shifting, and why now might be the perfect time so buy or sell DVC on the resale market. Whether you’ve ever considered buying into the Disney Vacation Club or currently own DVC and are thinking of selling, there are benefits in the market to doing either one right now.

If you would like to contact the show, become an official All About the Mouseketeer, or submit your phone number to us for a Mouse Call, send us an email to podcast@aatmcentral.com.

Enjoy this week’s featured discussion episode and don’t forget about the Disney news episode on Wednesday Jan 17th.

Special thanks to our guest Shontell Crawford from DVC By Resale for joining us this week.

You can contact DVC by Resale directly at (p) 1-800-844-4099 and (e) Shontell@dvcbyresale.com.

Connect with DVC By Resale on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @DVCbyResale.

You can also connect with owner Shontell Crawford on Facebook.

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