Hall of Presidents reportedly to have a speaking President Trump

Bryan RipperNews

According to My News 13, President Donald Trump will have a speaking role in the iconic Hall of Presidents attraction located in the Magic Kingdom.

President Bill Clinton was the first to have a speaking role on the attraction, and since then every President has had one as well. There was some confusion on how large of a role the current President would have in the show, especially after earlier this year when Vice’s Motherboard inferred that the attraction would feature a silent President Donald Trump.

Walt Disney World Resort Vice President of Communications Jacquee Wahler stated on Sunday that President Donald Trump will have a speaking role saying, “The same thing that we’ve done with other presidents, is the same plan we have for President Trump.”

The attraction was originally supposed to reopen on June 29, but now Disney won’t give any specific date saying that it will reopen in “late 2017.”

Source: WDWinfo.com