New Pandora MagicBands Now Available

Bryan RipperNews

We’ve shared information on Pandora – The World of Avatar merchandise that will be available at Windtraders, the land’s store, and today, we’ve got some brand new MagicBand 2 designs to share with you that are also currently available.

The purple limited-edition graphic MagicBand 2 featuring bioluminescent scenes from nighttime in Pandora (pictured above), showcases the artwork of Dylan Cole, co-production designer for the upcoming Avatar motion picture sequels. The MagicBand 2 sells for $32.99.

For Avatar fans wishing to coordinate their MagicBand with other cool Na’vi commodities, take a look at these blue graphic bands which represent the familiar Na’vi pattern. This MagicBand 2 will sell for $22.99.

Annual Passholders were also able to purchase a special MagicBand 2 that was created just for them! For the first time ever, this Passholder exclusive limited edition MagicBand came with a teal graphic band with the phrase “I traveled to Pandora on May 27, 2017” printed on it. This MagicBand 2 was available on opening day for $32.99.