Pandora – The World of Avatar Opens at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Bryan RipperNews

The day so many Disney and AVATAR fans have been waiting finally arrived this past Saturday; Pandora – The World of AVATAR opened to all guests!

It’s no surprise that Twitter was buzzing by 7:00 a.m. Eastern Saturday May 27th with reports and photos of the insane number of guests waiting to enter the highly-anticipated moon of Pandora. By around 7:45 a.m., the crowd of people in line extended all the way to the entrance of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and it was reported by several tweeters that the land had been temporarily closed for capacity.

To help keep guests informed, Cast Members brought out a sign that read, “Due to high demand, Pandora is accepting only a limited number of travelers.” Also, Disney was keeping guests informed about the capacity limits via the My Disney Experience app.

To give you an idea of how quickly the wait times escalated, Na’vi River Journey was at a 150 minute wait and the wait time for AVATAR Flight of Passage was at 250 minutes. (Note: By 10:20 a.m., Na’vi River Journey’s wait time was at 200 minutes!) It was widely reported on social media that the wait time for Avatar Flight of Passage was upwards of anywhere from a 4 – 6 hour wait.

Both attractions have tremendously long queues, but they are absolutely gorgeous and moving slowly through them will give guests plenty of time to take photos without feeling rushed to do so.