Rapunzel Rest Area Untangled

Bryan RipperBlog

Disney theme parks contain some of the best examples of attention to detail that you’ll find anywhere. Even when Disney builds a rest area, seemingly consisting of nothing more than benches and restrooms, they do so with as much care and attention to detail as you’ll find in any attraction in the park. This is certainly true with the rest area themed around Disney’s film “Tangled” that sits just in front of Rapunzel’s tower in Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park in Florida.

The word on the block is that, originally, this area, which sits where the old Fantasyland Skyway buckets station used to be, was slated to be an area where guests could meet Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled. Whether this is true or not, the area currently contains no attraction or meet and greets. If you have seen “Tangled”, though, and you look around closely, you will see some really neat details in this area that might just have you walking around snapping pictures – even in the restrooms.

As you approach the rest area, you’ll begin to see more details and items that you’ll recognize from the film. For instance, the flags that adorn the lanterns that are draped over the area have the emblem of the sun that you’ll remember was the kingdom’s trademark in the film. The lanterns, themselves, also resemble the lanterns that are released in the movie every year on Rapunzel’s birthday.

On the walls around the courtyard you’ll see advertisements for some of the bandits from the Snuggly Duckling, like “Hookhand at the piano – Tearing up the keyboard nightly” and “Vladamir – The Scourge of Seven Continents”. You’ll also spot a “Wanted” sign for “Ulf – The Criminal Master Mime”. “Wanted” signs for Flynn Rider (pardoned), the Stabbington Brothers (captured), and Shorty (at large, but not very) can also be found in the restroom. You’ll even see a sign on a cast member service door with a picture of Maximus that says “Kingdom Staff Only”. I think this is a nice touch, because it keeps you in the story without bringing you out of this world of fantasy.

Also in the restroom, you’ll notice cast iron pans hanging on the wall. If you remember from the movie, Rapunzel was armed with a cast iron pan, and Flynn remarked on how effective it was as a weapon. You can also see a pan along with a medieval suit of armor above the restrooms.

If you continue looking around, you’ll see Flynn’s satchel hanging from a balcony and apples for Maximus. If you look down on the ground, you’ll even see horseshoe prints in the ground from Maximus.

If you’re looking to find things in this area that maybe aren’t see easy to see, take a look at the grassy area. There you can find hidden chameleons. You might remember that Rapunzel’s friend/pet chameleon was named Pascal. Chameleons are great at blending in with their surroundings, and Pascal is no different. Here you can find some of his friends hidden in the scenery.

The area, as a whole, is wonderfully designed and built. Everything about the area is correct to the story and time period from the architecture and design of the buildings to the stone walls, paved roads, light fixtures, barrel tables, benches, and even the trash cans. The one thing that isn’t correct to the story or time period is the brand new charging stations for guests to charge their electronic devices. However, they are disguised very well!

There may not be any attractions in this area currently, but if you’ve seen “Tangled” and you enjoy appreciating the details that so many people just walk right by, you can easily spend half an hour or so in this area. Have you noticed anything about this area that wasn’t featured in this article? Comment below.