Rocks Added to Beach Shorelines Around Walt Disney World Resort

Marissa GordonNews

Additional construction work is taking place along the Walt Disney World resort beaches in response to the fatal alligator attack last month. In the days immediately following the attack, additional signage warning of alligators and snakes was posted around all waterways, and rope and net fencing was installed across the shorelines.

In the past few day construction workers began the installing large boulders along the shoreline extending from the fence-line a few feet into the water. These rocks create a barrier, making it difficult for alligators to come up onto the shore and for people to reach the water. The boulders are currently in place along the Grand Floridian and Polynesian’s shoreline and installation will likely continue at all beaches throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.

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The boulders do not impede sight lines around the water, and guests will still be able to enjoy fireworks and the Electrical Water Pageant from beaches around Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon. It is a difficult balancing act maintaining the ascetics of the area, while also making the water inaccessible to guests and Disney did a great job with meeting both needs.

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The combination of fencing and rock work is not terribly invasive to the natural environment and does not overly detract from the natural beauty of the waterways. The Disney Company did a good job of preserving the views while also creating a barrier between guests and wildlife.