Stories From Small Disney Shops (Part 2)

Amy GoninanBlog

Last week we began a look at some truly unique small shops run by Disney fans that create products for Disney fans. This week we’re going to continue our look at some of these terrific small Disney shops.

In case you missed the first part last week, you can read it here.

6. Crissy and Steve’s Story

Magic Main Street is an assortment of Disney inspired accessories handmade by Crissy and Steve’s little family. Crafting has always been a family event for Crissy, starting from when she was very young. She has had a jewelry business for a long time, but their Disney crafting came out of a desire to spend more time together as a family. As foster parents, it became apparent pretty early on that it’s really hard to do a good job at fostering while working full time. They were fortunate enough that Crissy was able to stay home and bring the girls to appointments, court, and visits. Disney was how these parents bonded with their children, so when they decided to start their family business, venturing out on a Disney path would fulfill the need of these ambitious people to be busy as well as have fun as a family.

It was also really important to them to have enough money that they could still enjoy themselves and give their kids everything they’ve been missing. So, a work from home/handmade approach was perfect. Their profits go towards Disney vacations together as well as their girls’ everyday needs.

7. Katie and Chris’s Story

Their Shop:

Katie and Chris’s shop is an even mix of mouse ears and shirts, including unique fabrics (they even create their own textiles!). The vibe of their shop trends toward the more modern whimsical side of Disney with a little hint of sassy, and they sometimes mix ideas from pop culture with Disney inspired items. Katie is obsessed with Disney,which was passed onto her from her dad (always a sign of good parenting). They went to Disney World all the time growing up, and her husband is now “Disney by marriage”. Katie started to make more magical things for her husband, little one, and herself to wear on a Disney vacation. Other people liked their style, so a business was born. They are not graphic designers by trade, so they have seen this as a wonderful creative outlet and adventure. Still, it is the people in the Disney handmade community that has kept them going. They have met many people that they can now call real-life friends.

8. Krista’s Story

Her Shop:

Krista’s shop is a hodge podge of different types of crafts that she’s interested in and decided to attempt to dabble in. She was inspired to start her business when her daughter was born. There were already Disney bowmakers in the community, but she wanted to make everyday Disney bows that were a bit more simple. She focused on Disney, because most of the people she knew were Disney fans. Her family have been annual passholders to Disneyland for years, so the Disney inspiration was organic. She started her shop, because of the encouragement from those around her saying that her items and artistic point of view were unique enough to stand out among the crowd. Her bow business has since grown to include tumblers and much more.

9. Melanie and Brent’s Story

Their Shop:

The Blue Fairy Body Shop is a Disney inspired bath and body fragrance shop run by a husband and wife team. They sell Lotion, Body Wash, Hand Soap, Fragrance Mist, and now Lip Balms and Bath Bombs. Everything they do is based on either recreating a certain fragrance from the parks or creating one that is inspired by an attraction, character etc. They are a Disney family through and through. They are DVC members, have participated in 10 runDisney events, and got married in EPCOT! The idea for their business started during a trip to WDW, when Brent decided that he wanted to find ways to make everyday day Disney day once they got home – meaning that he wanted to find ways to keep that amazing feeling going after their vacation in little easy-to-recreate ways. Melanie was a manager at Bath and Body works at the time (and formerly a Disney Store manager for 10 years) and was always looking for fragrances that reminded her of Disney vacations, which brought them to creating their simple and natural products.

10. My Story

My Shop:

I’m Amy, and I started Amy’s Small World at the end of this past summer. I started crafting when I was 2, sitting on my mom’s lap, “helping” her crochet a baby blanket for my little brother. My passion for creating and making things has grown since then. Early in 2016, I was laid off of my job, and I was having a hard time finding work. In the summer, I was struggling with feelings of low self-worth and all the other difficulties associated with that, and I decided I needed to make a change. I took the coins that I had gathered in my childhood piggy bank to start my little Disney inspired etsy shop. While my shop’s growth has been slow, the idea of creating something that someone else would love and spreading the Disney magic completely changed my outlook on life! My items are inspired by Disney, because to me, Disney means family, and I wouldn’t be where I am without my family. I am fortunate, because my husband and I have weekly date nights at Disneyland, where I can get a constant source of inspiration. Thankfully, I was able to get a job soon after I started my little shop, but it is my joy to rush home to make quilts, bags, hoop art, or whatever else I can think of for others. My shop is a symbol of hope to me, and I hope that I can spread that to others.