Storm Struck and The Sum Of All Thrills To Close

Bryan RipperNews

Disney announced this week that it will close two more attractions in Innoventions East at Epcot. Storm Struck and The Sum Of All Thrills will both be closing as of September 14, 2016.

Storm Struck opened in Innoventions East in August of 2008. It allows guests to experience the effects of a severe weather system while providing educational and safety advice. The more popular of the two attractions, The Sum Of All Thrills, is a simulator positioned on the end of a robotic arm that allows guests to create their own thrill ride and then experience it. This attraction is one of the biggest draws of Innoventions East, but it also has a very low load capacity, which makes for long lines.

After these two attractions close, the only attraction left in Innoventions East will be Colortopia. Innoventions West closed down in April 2015. Now it is mainly used as an expanded character meet and greet area.